How To Pay For YES 4G Internet Bill Online

Hello. In this post, I am going to show you step by step tutorial on how to pay online your YES 4G Internet bill using Maybank2U.

How to pay YES 4G Online

First of all, log into your YES 4G account.

Click on Pay Now button.

pay YES 4G bill online
Click on Pay Now button

Select your payment amount whether you want make a full payment or any other amount. After that select your payment method. Only debit/credit card and Maybank2U options are available. Agree to the T&C and click on Pay Now button.

pay YES 4G bill online
Click on Pay Now button

Click on OK button on the popup blocker dialog box.

pay YES 4G bill online
Click OK button

Check your transaction details and proceed by clicking on Confirm button.

pay YES 4G bill online
Click on Confirm button

Login to Maybank2U

Maybank2U login popup will be displayed on the screen. Please log into your Maybank2U account.

pay YES 4G bill online
Log into your Maybank2U account

Click on Continue button on the popup to confirm the payment.

pay YES 4G bill online
Click on Continue button

Click on Request for TAC button and key in the code sent to your registered mobile phone number into the text box. Click on Confirm button.

pay YES 4G bill online
Key in the TAC number and click on Continue button

Transaction complete and successful. Click on Print button to dismiss the Maybank2U popup.

pay YES 4G bill online
Click on Print button

Your YES account details will be updated in a few minutes

After the Maybank2U popup was closed, YES 4G website will detect the completed payment.

pay YES 4G bill online
YES 4G website will detect the completed payment

Payment process is complete and please give the site a few minutes to reflect the changes. The dashboard will show RM0 due amount, meaning that the current bill is already paid.

clixsense clixgrid
Free to join & play

That is all for this post. See you next post.

How To Check You Have A Verified PayPal (New Design)

Having a verified PayPal account is a must especially if you shop online a lot because most merchants only accept PayPal payments from verified accounts.

Verified/Unverified status now removed/hidden

With old/classic design, it was easy to tell if you have a verified PayPal account or unverified. You can simply check your account status in the top of My Account page. However, the ability to check the status on the page now removed with the new website design.

verified paypal
Classic design shows status of your PayPal account

Trick that used to work

There is a trick that was working but now if you try the same trick, you will be redirected to contact page.

verified paypal
No longer working

Alternative indicator

As an alternative, to guess whether your PayPal account is verified or not, you can look at the checklist after clicking on get the most out of PayPal link. If you have all the checkmarks and your profile is at 100%, they are good indicators that your account indeed verified. But that not necessarily true and that is not the method that was intended by the post title.

paypal ticks
All the checkmarks are present

To make thing more doubtful, if you check on account limit page, you can see that you still have limits and can be lifted only by identity confirmation. So it is possible that identity is not confirmed = account is not verified.

paypal limit
Limit masih ada

How to check the unverified or verified status

Now, the way that I use to check the verification status. A member of ClixSense shared this trick on the forum. So credit goes to him as the original discoverer.

1. Go to FAQ page “How do I verify my account“.

2. Click on “verify your PayPal account” link on the page. Or you may directly use this link.

verified paypal
PayPal support page

3. You will be redirected to PayPal login page (if you have not already logged in). Please log in to your PayPal account to proceed.

4. After successfully logged in, you will be redirected to a page where it will tell you whether your PayPal account is verified or unverified.

verified paypal
Verified PayPal account

Another Alternative

A few reward sites such as InstaGC and Vivatic only accepts registration from those who have verified PayPal account. If you are not able to link your PayPal account, that means your PayPal account are not verified.

instagc verified paypal
InstaGC want verified PayPal account

*InstaGC is a reward site that pay you for completing activities such as paid surveys and micro tasks. Payment processed via PayPal and Gift Cards (Amazon, Walmart, Steam, and more).

*Same goes to Vivatic, a reward site that pay you for completing surveys, micro tasks and much more.

*ClixSense is a well established reward sites, online since 2007 and highly recommended to register. It do not need a verified PayPal account in order to get paid.

clixsense clixgrid
Free to register and play. Win up to $10.

It is the end of this post. See you next post.

How To Verify PayPal Account With Debit Card

Hello. In this post, I am going to show you how to verify PayPal account using a debit card. If you use credit card, the process is about the same. In this post, I am going to use debit card from Bank Simpanan Nasional (BSN).

Requirements to verify PayPal account using a debit card

1. PayPal account (of course :p)
2. Debit card
3. Online banking (statement of your debit card) – optional but recommended for ease of use

Ensure that your debit card has activated these functions

Note for Malaysian users: As instructed by Bank Negara Malaysia, starting July 2015, all debit card issuers need to block card-not-present (CNP) function by default for security reason unless asked by the card holder to unblock the function. So please consult your debit card issuer (bank) to unblock the CNP function.

Credit card users do not have to worry about this.

You can try turn on these functions on your own if offered by any other means (Online Banking / ATM )

1. Oversea Transaction – can be activated by online banking
2. Online Purchase – can be activated by online banking
3. Online Purchase on non-secured sites – call your card issuer (customer support)
4. Set transaction limit if by default is 0 – can be activated by online banking
5. Minimum account balance of RM10 or refer here for other countries.

How to activate your debit card

Since I use Bank Simpanan Nasional (BSN) debit card, so this tutorial also use BSN online banking (myBSN). The process will be different for other banks.

1. How to activate oversea transaction, online purchase and set the transaction limit.

Login to myBSN.

Go to Debit Card, tick the debit card and click on Next. Make the modification as necessary, an SMS contained security code will be sent to your registered phone number to confirm the changes.

You also can click on the options available in the left of the screen.

verify paypal mybsn
Options available for debit card

Link debit card to PayPal account

Login to your PayPal account, you will be redirected to My account page or manually go there if was not auto redirected.

Click on “link a card” link in the left of the screen (you might need to scroll a bit in order to see it).

buka akaun paypal
Scroll down a bit

Type in the card details.

verify paypal
Type in the card details

If you encounter any error fox example it do not accept the card, that means CNP function of your card is still blocked. Consult your card issuer / bank for further assistance.

If you card is accepted, you will see a card logo with label “NEW” on it. Click on the logo. You now will see a link to confirm/verify your card. Click on the link.

As soon as you click on the link, a small amount of money (RM10 for Malaysia, refer here for other countries) will be debited from your account.

Highly recommended legit reward site, online and paying since 2007.

Get the verification code

You need to login to your online banking portal, myBSN in my case. Go to debit card transaction history. This is the ease of using online banking. If you don’t use it, please contact your bank to get the code.

Even though the small amount of money was debited instantly but the transaction record might not appear that instant. You might get it instantly but it may takes up to 3 business days as well, so be patience. In my case, it took 2 days in order to get the code.

Log in to myBSN > Account Overview > click on bank account number > click on “Debit card transaction history” button > select transaction period and click on “Submit button”.

verify paypal
4 digit code to verify PayPal

Use the code on PayPal acount

Next, you have to key in the code on your PayPal account in order to complete the verification process.

Login to your PayPal account. You will get a notification in the top right corner of the page to verify your card. Click the link on the notification. If you accidentally dismissed the notification, the link still available in the left of the screen (you might need to scroll down a bit).

Key in the code and click on “Submit” button.

verify paypal
Key in the code

Process complete and your PayPal account is now verified (However, it is more likely will not if you haven’t already link you bank account).

Did you lose the debited money?

Nope. The money will be credited to your PayPal balance. It is also possible if the money credited back to your bank account, that what’s happened to my money. However it will take some time, so do not worry.

When your PayPal account is verified, it is now easy for you to use your PayPal balance without any restriction. You now also possible to register for reward sites that require verified PayPal to register an account such as InstaGC and Vivatic. But my number one recommended reward site is ClixSense and it supports unverified PayPal account.

If you still doubt whether your PayPal account is verified or not, follow this tutorial to check if your PayPal account is verified or unverified.

That’s all for this post. See you next post.

CrowdFlower Entrance Exam – Quickly Achieve Level 1 Badge

In this post I am going to show you how to take CrowdFlower Entrance Exam so you can quickly achieve level 1 badge in CrowdFlower micro tasks and get access to more available jobs.

For those of you have not already know about CrowdFlower, please read my post about ClixSense and NeoBux because CrowdFlower tasks are provided as one of the methods to earn free money from reward sites like those two.

As you already know, new CrowdFlower contributors will start in level 0 which mean almost rare to see any available job. That makes harder for you to achieve level badges because you have to do jobs in order to achieve the badges.

Regular method to achieve level badges

To achieve level 1, level 2 and level 3 badges, a contributor must fulfill these criteria:

1 5 100 70
2 10 100 80
3 10 100 85

If you get expelled from one or a few tasks, minimum jobs will increase from initial amount. For example, minimum job >= 5, test questions >= 100, and accuracy >= 70% but you still stuck at level 0 and you get this message on your dashboard: “Something else is preventing you from reaching the next level. Keep on working in order to gain experience and level up.” That because you get expelled. Nobody knows the exact amount of how many more jobs needed in order to recover from the expulsions.

Tasks for level 0 contributors are very rare and even when they are available, most of theme won’t count into global accuracy. Therefore, make thing harder to achieve level 1 badge.

crowdflower task history
Working for low paid tasks just for nothing 🙁

Even if the job do count for global accuracy, non level 0 contributors will take advantage and do the job because mostly level 0 jobs are easy and they can boost their global accuracy easily using them. More competitors mean job will finish quickly and you may not be able to work on it before they all taken.

So, CrowdFlower Entrance Exam can overcome this problem. They are unpaid tasks purposely to train new contributors and level them up.

New contributors that happen to know CrowdFlower through ClixSense and NeoBux may not aware of this exam due to fact that it is not available on those two labor channels.

I am not sure if there are already made available entrance exam on those two. Also, I have read somewhre that suggest entrance exam already discontinued. I am not sure about that, let just hope that it is not true.

Where you can take CrowdFlower Entrance Exam?

The way I gain access to entrance exam back then may be not valid anymore.

But someone kind enough to ask CrowdFlower support and share it on ClixSense forum.

So, we can know all the labor channels have entrance exam except on ClixSense, Neobux and CrowdFlower Elite.

Get access to CrowdFlower Entrance Exam

1. Register on any PTC/GPT/Reward site that offer CF tasks (for example, InstaGC).
2. Go to CrowdFlower task section. Each site may use different name, for example NeoBux call it mini job.

crowdflower instagc
Access to CrowdFlower tasks on InstaGC

3. Open task listing page
4. Click on Entrance Exam.

crowdflower tasks listing entrance exam
Entrance Exam on task listing page

Image source: Neobux Forum.

Please read properly and understand what the quiz want. If you fail the test, no second chance.

Step by step how I access to Entrance Exam

The steps that I follow when I gain access to entrance exam back then.

1. Register Cash Piggy account (if you already know about AdFly link shorterner, Cash Piggy is a PTC site run by the same company.)

Earn money using links

2. Go to Offer >> and click on engage CrowdFlower task.

personaly crowdflower engage
Click on [Engage]

Update: After CrowdFlower make a few changes on their site, the link that I given in this tutorial might not working properly. So please use InstaGC instead because it is confirmed that InstaGC do have Entrance Exam (only if the exam still exist). Plus, InstaGC also have the option to link account similar to what we are going through these steps.

instagc personaly
Link CF account to account on InstaGC

If you insist to follow the original step, please continue reading below:

3. If you have not already have CrowdFlower account, register one using real Facebook account (not fake/dummy one) and complete the registration.

4. Go to CrowdFlower website >> click on your name (on top right) >> Edit Profile. Make sure that channel is set as preferred.

crowdflower preferred channel
crowdflower preferred channel

5. Go to or add ?uid=xxxxxxx at the end if the former not working. Replace xxxxxxx with your contributor ID for Personaly channel.

6. Now, you can see the link to take the entrance exam. Remember, you need to have 70% accuracy in order to get level 1 badge.

crowdflower entrance exam
Entrance exam CloudFlower

Once you are in level 1:

Read forum such as ClixSense forum or Neobux forum, look for the job ID or by jo name and read review before you start the job. This is important to know wheather the job is broken or not, have unfair correction or not, or the task author will ‘reward’ you with flag for no reason.

If the job have good reviews, go for it and boost your accuracy. If the job ID do not has any review yet from any forum, it best to wait for review, or you can use the ratings to decide (at least 2 and half dots is good to go).

The jobs that I recommend are the receipt jobs (unfortunately, these are on level 2).

“Transcribe Information From A Receipt (_)” – #1 recommended, easiest.
“Find The Quantity And Price For Items. (_)” – little tricky

The jobs are fair, the corrections that I get are fair ones, count for global accuracy and available daily.

Withdraw PayPal Money Into Bank Account

Hello there. Today I am going to show you how to withdraw PayPal money into your local bank account.

Withdraw PayPal Money

First of all, go to PayPal homepage and login. Click on My PayPal button to go to My Account.

Click on Withdraw funds that located under PayPal Balance.

withdraw paypal money
Click on Withdraw funds

Key in how much you want to withdraw. Keep in mind that there will be processing fee if you withdraw below certain amount. For example in my case, I need to withdraw at least MYR 400 to avoid paying for processing fees of MYR 3.

withdraw paypal money
Withdraw above MYR 400 and processing fee is free

Revise the details for the last time before you proceed.

withdraw paypal money
Check for the last time

It says that the process would take 2-3 business days. But in my experiences, it completed just in one business day

withdraw paypal money
Withdrawal is pending

Confirmation email also sent to your inbox as a reference.

withdraw paypal money
Reference email

If your PayPal account is unverified, don’t worry. My PayPal account is unverified up to writing this post and I can withdraw money off PayPal without any issue.

If you don’t want to withdraw, the use for online shopping 🙂 But sadly most merchants want verified account.

Make Money Online With NeoBux

Previously, I had make an article about make money online with ClixSense. In this post, I am going to share another website that very similar to ClixSense which is NeoBux.

NeoBux, like ClixSense is one of the most popular and best PTC sites available on the web and came into existence in 2008, a year after ClixSense.

Make money online with NeoBux

1. Register free Neobux account.

2. Login into your email inbox and verify registration (if necessary).

How to start earning?

Once you have verify your account, it’s time to start making some cash. At NeoBux you can make money online by taking part in:

1. Viewing Advertisers’ Websites

money online neobux clicks rates
Different pay rates for different type of exposures.

At NeoBux, for each click on ad, you will earn the mentioned amount of money and these bonus as well:

*1 NeoPoint
*4 clicks on AdPrize
*1 ticket for lottery draw

(All of these will be discussed later)

2. Offers

Unlike ClixSense which has section for paid surveys, NeoBux only offer surveys via offer section.

Other than survey, offers include playing flash and Facebook games, free trial signups, download/testing Android/iOS apps/games.

They have two type of offers:

*Coins offer
*NeoPoints Offer

neobux coins neopoints
Kadar tukaran untuk coins dan points

What I dislike about their offers, each completed offer will pending and get credited only after 60 days.

3. AdPrize

For each seen ad, member will get 4 chances to click AdPrize. Highest winning cash is $50 and highest winning value is 1 year of Golden Membership worth $90.

If you win $50 and Golden Membership, you are very lucky. You can check in the forum, there are lucky people post their winning there.

neobux adprize 50 dollar golden membership
Not my winning 🙂
neobux adprize prizes distributions
List of allocated prizes

4. Lottery / Lucky draw

For each seen ad, you will get 1 ticket to lucky draw in next hour. 120 lucky members will win $0.50. I have won it once. I was not aware of this feature before I win it.

You have received an offer of $0.50 from NeoBux
You have received an offer of $0.50 from NeoBux

5. Mini Jobs

Mini Jobs are micro tasks provided by CrowdFlower. I already elaborate about CrowdFlower tasks in my post about ClixSense. So make sure read that as well to know more about CrowdFlower tasks.

NeoBux not the only reward site that offer CrowdFlower tasks. However, each site will give different rewards for working on CrowdFlower tasks via their labor channel.

For example, ClixSense offer (1) Weekly heavy tasker competition – first place winner will win $50, (2) bonus of $5 per accumulated $50, and (3) if you done at least 10 tasks for the day, you will get 7% bonus or 16% if you are an upgraded member.

For NeoBux, you will get $0.15 bonus (or $0.30 for upgraded member) for each $1 earned.

crowdflower task list
Example of available tasks

6. Invite new members

Invite your friends or even strangers (advertise on your blog etc) and you can get commissions when they earn.

neobux referral commisions
Commissions rates

7. Upgrade to Golden Membership

Golden Membership benefits:
*$0.30 bonus per $1 earned from Mini Jobs
*Guaranteed 9 orange fixed ads (4 for standard members) valued at $0.01 each ($0.001 each for standard members)
*Extended ads valued at $0.02 each ($0.015 each for standard members)
*Commissions for referral clicks increased.

How to get Golden Membership

1. Pay full price ($90)

If you afford this, go for it. But, personally I think it’s quite expensive. I can buy 6 years of ClixSense premium membership with one year membership price on NeoBux ($30 biannually x3)

2. Try to win Golden Membership from AdPrize

This option is obviously ridiculous. Because winning it from AdPrize is a matter of luck. But who knows you can be that lucky.

3. Purchase using NeoPoints (30,000 points)

This one I think the most realistic way. Golden Membership can be converted using 30,000 NeoPoints, which mean more less 83 points have to collect per day in order to accumulate that much in a year in order to purchase/renew the membership.

You can get more less 50 points daily just by clicking ads. And chances of winning NeoPoints from AdPrize are higher, so never waste any AdPrizes chances that you have.

Scam Alert & Payment Proof

NeoBux is online since 2008 and still paying their members, instant payout. So, NeoBux is safe.

Minimum cashout is $2 for the first time and increasing $1 for next cashouts till it reached $10.

neobux payment proof
My first cashout.

Register NeoBux today.

Make Money Online With ClixSense

In this post I would like to introduce to you a website that can make money online by just working from your home.

If you haven’t already hear about ClixSense, it is a reward site that offer commissions to members completing a few things on the website.

Make money online on ClixSense:

On ClixSense, you can earn by completing these tasks:

(1) Viewing Advertisers’ Websites.

(Ads page on ClixSense)

Pay Rates:
Extended Ad – $0.02 each
Standard Ad – $0.01 each
Mini Ad – $0.005 each
Micro Ad – $0.0015 each
Sticky Ad – $0.001 each

clixsense extended ads
Get paid $0.02 each for extended ad.
clixsense ads click stats
My click stats so far

(2) Paid Surveys.

(Paid surveys page on ClixSense)

If you are from top tier country, you can get invitation to high paying surveys. But for me, these invitations are good enough.

clixsense paid surveys invitation
List of survey invitations with respective pay rate

Make sure you fill in survey profile so that you can get invitation to surveys that you are likely to qualify.

clixsense survey profiler
Please fill in these survey profile

Also make sure you install browser addon/extension to notify available surveys and ads.

clixsense toolbar clixaddon3

If no invitations at the moment, you should not wait for them, you can check for available surveys via daily routers. These routers may be differ from country to country. The good thing about survey routers, you have no limit to try and complete surveys.

clixsense survey routers
Survey routers

(3) Offers.

Paid surveys are not only available via invitations and routers, but also via offers section.

clixsense personaly offer surveys
Surveys from offer section.

Offers section not limited to paid surveys only. You can do free trial signups, download and test games/apps, playing games flash/Facebook etc.

You may notice that the payment is in ClixCents, 1 ClixCents equals to $0.01.

(4) ClixGrid.

(ClixGrid page on ClixSense)

Daily bonus game – chances of winning prizes up to $10.

You will get 30 chances daily (60 if you are a upgraded member)

clixgrid won
My first winning

(5) Short tasks from CrowdFlower.

(Tasks page on ClixSense)

crowdflower task list
Example of tasks available on task listing page with respective pay rates.

ClixSense is not the only site offering short tasks from CrowdFlower. But you should consider doing it via ClixSense labor channel. Because:

1. One of few channels that offer good pay rates
2. Weekly heavy tasker competition ($50 prize for 1st place)
3. $5 bonus each time you earn $50
4. Crowdflower tasks also requirement for daily checklist bonus (up to 16%, will discussed later about this)

Any new contributor (term for CrowdFlower worker) will start in level 0 (which means tasks are very very rare) but don’t worry, Entrance Exam can level you up instantly.

(6) Website testing and bug finding from Rainforest QA

You will have to test website by following instructions on each step. If the website give different result other than mentioned in instruction that mean you found a bug. You will get 4 Pennies for each step. Refer screenshot below, 50 steps mean $2 for completing the test, however, if you found a bug in the middle of the test, say, at step #20, you only get 20×0.04 = $0.80.

rainforest qa steps
Rainforest pay $0.04 per step.

(7) Bonus: Daily Checklist

If you able to complete daily checklist, you will be rewarded bonus of 7% (16% for upgraded members) of today’s earning after the server resets 12:00 AM midnight – server time)

In order to complete daily checklist, you must:

1. View at least 6 ads
2. Click at least 20 ClixGrid
3. Complete 2 surveys/offers OR 10 CrowdFlower/Rainforest tasks OR 1 survey/offer plus 5 CrowdFlower/Rainforest tasks
4. At least 1 forum visit
5. Use ClixAddon for 1 hour (this is automatic if you already installed ClixAddon)
6. Extra bonus: only unlocked if you able to complete the 5 above daily

clixsense daily checklist
clixsense daily checklist

(8) Optional: Invite people to join

(Affiliate program on ClixSense)

If you just want to make some cash online, getting downlines is optional because you can already earn from above methods.

But, if you want to make huge profits, downlines are the key to that.

You can have unlimited numbers of downlines on ClixSense. Let assume each of your downline will click at least one $0.01 ad daily ($0.002 commission for free member). Let assume you have 5,000 downlines.

5,000 x $0.002 x 30 = $300 per month

If you are upgraded member, $0.004 commission for $0.01 ad view, therefore double the above calculation ($600 per month)

And you know it is impossible for someone to be active daily on ClixSense but only clicking one ad. They will click more ads, performing surveys and tasks etc (up to 10% of their earning), therefore the earning potential much much more than my calculations above.

More realistic example is by this screenshot, taken from affiliate program page.

clixsense top sponsors
clixsense top sponsors

Let use the same calculation, assuming the sponsor (upline) is upgraded member, assuming each reff click one S0.01 ad daily:

51,280 x $0.004 x 30 = $6,153.60 per month

(9) Optional: Upgrade your membership

(Upgraded membership benefits on ClixSense)

You must already aware that upgraded member can earn more.

There is no reason for you not to upgrade because the membership fee is so cheap, $17 annually or $30 biannually.

Reasons for you to upgrade are:

Membership cost
$17 annually / $30 biannually
Daily guaranteed standard ads ($0.01)
Commissions per referals click
Commissions per referral signup
$1 after he generates $10
$2 after he generates $5
Commissions per referral upgrade
$2 (1st level) and $1 (2nd-8th levels)
Commissions per referral ad purchase
10% up to $1
10% up to $2
Commissions for survey/offer/task by referral
ClixGrid chances
30 times
60 times
ClixGrid timer
10 seconds
5 seconds
Daily checklist bonus
Minimum cashout

Minimum Cashout.

Refer table below for minimum cashout and processing fees.

clixsense cashout fees
clixsense cashout fees

Scam Alert and Payment Proof.

ClixSense already online, paying and one of top trusted and most popular PTC website since Feb. 2007 and verified as scam free by millions of happy members including myself.

Here, a screenshot of my very first cashout from ClixSense. (After accumulated $17, I upgraded and right after accumulated $6, I cashout just to check)

clixsense payment proof
My very first payment from ClixSense.


A lot of new users never bother to log in again on second day after they notice they only clicking for Pennies.

I was in the same boat too, I registered ClixSense on January 2016 and gave up a few days after because only clicking for pennies. Then, gave it another try and gave up again for a few weeks. Then I gave it another chance again before I finally know how to make full use of it.

Again, if you just want some cash, surveys and tasks are good enough. But, if you want big profit, getting *a lot* of *active* referrals is a must.

Here, a screenshot of my earning at the time of writing this post. As you can see, I got 0 referral and the earning come 100% from my own effort. I don’t say I satisfy with the earning, but, for just working while watching TV, it’s worth it.

my stats
my stats

Finally, don’t listen to me or any other people before you try for yourself. They say “it’s good, you can get rich quick joining this”, they say “it’s crap, you only clicking for pennies”. Different people, different opinion. Just give it a try OK, It may or may not suits you.

Click banner below to get started.

make money online using clixsense
Click this banner to start earning today

Marathon’s New Animation – Get Blake! Finally Aired

Yay! Marathon’s new animation – Get Blake! finally aired this week in Malaysia (as well as on all Nickelodeon Channel throughout the world, I guess). I have been waiting for this for so long. Why I had waited for this so much? Because this is the animated series that I was involved in during my internship.

What’s impressive about Blake is that he lives for today, despite knowing the awesomeness that awaits him in the future: Blake is destined to become a courageous Space Ranger and protector of humankind against a marauding race of …ALIEN squirrels!

These alien squirrels – or “Squaliens” – have been sent from the future by their Squalien General. Their mission: is to make sure Blake Myers never grows up to be Blake Myers, Space Ranger. Hero. Defeater of Squaliens.

– Quotation from

Get Blake! Characters

Get Blake
Image source:

Blake Myers
-The one in red t-shirt with blue hair
-The main character

Mitch de La Cruz
-The one in yellow t-shirt
-Blake’s best friend

Skye Gunderson
-The one with pink hair
-Blake’s love interest

-Squaliens’ boss

-The tallest Squalien with glasses (the one been chased by Blake)

-The shortest Squalien (the one aiming blaster to Mitch)
-General’s nephew

-The fattest Squalien (the one in Skye’s hands)
-Clueless, always ruins Leonard’s plans
-General’s nephew

Dale Myers
-Blake’s father

Darla Myers
-Blake’s mother

Rodrigo de La Cruz
-Mitch’s father

Carmen de La Cruz
-Mitch’s mother

Roy Kronk

Bjorn Gunderson
-Skye’s father

Isabella Gunderson
-Skye’s mother

Sunshine Gunderson
-Skye’s little sister


Fast Eddie
-The dog

This animation is so funny that makes me cannot wait to watch the show. However, I cannot manage to watch this show after it has been aired because currently I am in college where there is no TV to watch but I hope that this show will be on rerun later or even available to purchase in DVD format.

Edit: I managed to watch one or two episode(s) of this animation on Nickelodeon, thanks to 48 hours of channel preview from my satellite TV provider. The channel is not on my current subscription because no kids at my home and elderly would not watch cartoons. Unluckily, I don’t think this show is available on DVD at the moment, and I hope it would sooner or later.