The Cheapest Seedbox I Ever Use

I was searching for a cheap seedbox service. I was looking for both ready-to-use seedboxes and VPS’es.

Not only cheap, but they also need to have big storage space.

I learnt that VPS was not an option because VPS usually come with small SSD or expensive for big HDD storage and not even big enough for my need.

I kept looking for cheap seedboxes and found a few candidates.

Out of them, I decided to go for PulsedMedia. If you search PulsedMedia, you’ll see people were complaining about this service. I don’t care. What important is my own experience.

They do offer free seedbox to try. Sadly, it is not really free. I have to pay 0.20 EUR (or 0.23 USD) to try the service. According to them, this is done to counter abusive users using VPN and proxies to claim the free seedboxes more than one.

They free seedbox was slow and not so good and of course they had mentioned about that in the first place.

Next day I tried their cheapest plan – Value250 Series. From the 4 options available I chose the second one with 900GB storage for 8.16 USD per month.

The download and upload speed is capped at 12MBPS and 30MBPS respectively. Not a big problem for me because the seedbox is for long term seeding and not for building buffer. After all, I am using a budget seedbox, I am not going to expect unlimited down/up speed with the amount I paid.

After second month (after first renew). I cancelled the service and opted-in for the 4th option – 2700GB storage for 12.80 USD per month. The reason is I need more space.

After half year of usage. I still retain this box. Other than capped speed I don’t have any other problems.

This box as well as all other PulsedMedia seedboxes, I can fill the storage above the allocated limit up to 7 days.

The best thing is, every time I renew the box, I will get extra storage. Currently, I accumulated 272GB, not much but it’s free. But it doesn’t guaranteed and might not last forever.

When one my PT sites I joined did a global freeleech event last Christmas/year-end, I did a mistake of renting another one to build a buffer. It was a total mistake.

First, the download speed is slow, I need high download speed to quickly download as much data as possible to upload to the other leechers thus building a high buffer.

Second, the upload speed is slow to thus limiting the amount of data can be uploaded.

In short, my choice to use PulsedMedia as my original intention for long term seeding is correct but to build a buffer with this box was a mistake. It not a fatal mistake though, since it was a global freeleech, my download amount did not change. It just the upload amount is not so great.

In summary, the box I currently use (Value250 L) is good for me because:

  • For long term seeding – especially for less popular content but I like it so much, it more likely the torrent will die soon, so I’ll help keep it alive.
  • Limited internet – don’t want to waste data by uploading.
  • Very slow internet speed.
  • To pass the hit-n-run rule requirement – so I don’t have to worry to turn off my PC
  • To grab and store on the seedbox first before the torrents die (for unpopular stuffs) and only transfer to PC when I want to use it.

The monthly subscription for Value250 L I paid is 12.80 USD (converted price, actual price is 10.99 EUR). It was 11.99 EUR and recently they changed the price to 19.99 EUR (as of this post).

Pricing back when I subscribed to the Value250 S.

Now it looks like only me and existing users enjoying the cheap price. New users have to pay more. But you can go to PulsedMedia website to check the other plans, compare with other providers and see if they are still the cheapest.

New WordPress Editor Looks Amazing

I haven’t write for any of my blogs since a while. In the meantime WordPress had updated their editor to a new different design and the new WordPress editor looks amazing.

I am not a fan of WordPress or Blogger WYSIWYG editor for whatever reasons. I always choose text editor over the other one.

But now, this new editor looks neat and simple. I fell in love with this.

The new WordPress editor
This is how it was previously

Too bad I’m not going to use it regularly since I occasionally write anything for my blogs.

My Blog Is Back

My blog is back after being blacklisted by search engine and/or most of web browsers.

I had abandoned this blog since a while and I did not aware what happened to my blog.

Until one day I tried to access this blog but Google Chrome refuse to open it and instead showed me a warning that the blog is dangerous.


Deceptive site ahead – Google Chrome
Deceptive site ahead – Mozilla Firefox
Deceptive site ahead – Google Chrome (Android)

While Chrome, Firefox and Android browser bloack me from accesing this site, Opera, Internet Explorer and Edge open this blog without any warning. But why only select browsers?

Opera opens this blog without any issue

From the warning messages, I get the idea that my blog is trying to collect credit cards detail while my blog is not secure (no HTTPS) but that ridiculous. This blog is not a shopping site and not even once this blog request any CC detail.

I tried to whilelist this blog again but I never had the determination to do so towards this abandoned blog.

Finally, the blacklist revamped by its own.

My hosting provider , NetKL had a problem with DDoS Attacks thus forcing them to migrate affected customers’ sites to a new server. With the server migration, finally this problem was solved on its own without my intervention. Lucky for me!

So now I can continue posting random “sheets” on this blog again.

After my blog was blacklisted, I did a clean install of WordPress and this is my first post after the clean install. Whatever posts preceded this one was restored from backup.