New WordPress Editor Looks Amazing

I haven’t write for any of my blogs since a while. In the meantime WordPress had updated their editor to a new different design and the new WordPress editor looks amazing.

I am not a fan of WordPress or Blogger WYSIWYG editor for whatever reasons. I always choose text editor over the other one.

But now, this new editor looks neat and simple. I fell in love with this.

The new WordPress editor
This is how it was previously

Too bad I’m not going to use it regularly since I occasionally write anything for my blogs.

My Blog Is Back

My blog is back after being blacklisted by search engine and/or most of web browsers.

I had abandoned this blog since a while and I did not aware what happened to my blog.

Until one day I tried to access this blog but Google Chrome refuse to open it and instead showed me a warning that the blog is dangerous.


Deceptive site ahead – Google Chrome
Deceptive site ahead – Mozilla Firefox
Deceptive site ahead – Google Chrome (Android)

While Chrome, Firefox and Android browser bloack me from accesing this site, Opera, Internet Explorer and Edge open this blog without any warning. But why only select browsers?

Opera opens this blog without any issue

From the warning messages, I get the idea that my blog is trying to collect credit cards detail while my blog is not secure (no HTTPS) but that ridiculous. This blog is not a shopping site and not even once this blog request any CC detail.

I tried to whilelist this blog again but I never had the determination to do so towards this abandoned blog.

Finally, the blacklist revamped by its own.

My hosting provider , NetKL had a problem with DDoS Attacks thus forcing them to migrate affected customers’ sites to a new server. With the server migration, finally this problem was solved on its own without my intervention. Lucky for me!

So now I can continue posting random “sheets” on this blog again.

After my blog was blacklisted, I did a clean install of WordPress and this is my first post after the clean install. Whatever posts preceded this one was restored from backup.