How To Check You Have A Verified PayPal (New Design)

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Having a verified PayPal account is a must especially if you shop online a lot because most merchants only accept PayPal payments from verified accounts.

Verified/Unverified status now removed/hidden

With old/classic design, it was easy to tell if you have a verified PayPal account or unverified. You can simply check your account status in the top of My Account page. However, the ability to check the status on the page now removed with the new website design.

verified paypal
Classic design shows status of your PayPal account

Trick that used to work

There is a trick that was working but now if you try the same trick, you will be redirected to contact page.

verified paypal
No longer working

Alternative indicator

As an alternative, to guess whether your PayPal account is verified or not, you can look at the checklist after clicking on get the most out of PayPal link. If you have all the checkmarks and your profile is at 100%, they are good indicators that your account indeed verified. But that not necessarily true and that is not the method that was intended by the post title.

paypal ticks
All the checkmarks are present

To make thing more doubtful, if you check on account limit page, you can see that you still have limits and can be lifted only by identity confirmation. So it is possible that identity is not confirmed = account is not verified.

paypal limit
Limit masih ada

How to check the unverified or verified status

Now, the way that I use to check the verification status. A member of ClixSense shared this trick on the forum. So credit goes to him as the original discoverer.

1. Go to FAQ page “How do I verify my account“.

2. Click on “verify your PayPal account” link on the page. Or you may directly use this link.

verified paypal
PayPal support page

3. You will be redirected to PayPal login page (if you have not already logged in). Please log in to your PayPal account to proceed.

4. After successfully logged in, you will be redirected to a page where it will tell you whether your PayPal account is verified or unverified.

verified paypal
Verified PayPal account

Another Alternative

A few reward sites such as InstaGC and Vivatic only accepts registration from those who have verified PayPal account. If you are not able to link your PayPal account, that means your PayPal account are not verified.

instagc verified paypal
InstaGC want verified PayPal account

*InstaGC is a reward site that pay you for completing activities such as paid surveys and micro tasks. Payment processed via PayPal and Gift Cards (Amazon, Walmart, Steam, and more).

*Same goes to Vivatic, a reward site that pay you for completing surveys, micro tasks and much more.

*ClixSense is a well established reward sites, online since 2007 and highly recommended to register. It do not need a verified PayPal account in order to get paid.

clixsense clixgrid
Free to register and play. Win up to $10.

It is the end of this post. See you next post.

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