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In this post I would like to introduce to you a website that can make money online by just working from your home.

If you haven’t already hear about ClixSense, it is a reward site that offer commissions to members completing a few things on the website.

Make money online on ClixSense:

On ClixSense, you can earn by completing these tasks:

(1) Viewing Advertisers’ Websites.

(Ads page on ClixSense)

Pay Rates:
Extended Ad – $0.02 each
Standard Ad – $0.01 each
Mini Ad – $0.005 each
Micro Ad – $0.0015 each
Sticky Ad – $0.001 each

clixsense extended ads
Get paid $0.02 each for extended ad.
clixsense ads click stats
My click stats so far

(2) Paid Surveys.

(Paid surveys page on ClixSense)

If you are from top tier country, you can get invitation to high paying surveys. But for me, these invitations are good enough.

clixsense paid surveys invitation
List of survey invitations with respective pay rate

Make sure you fill in survey profile so that you can get invitation to surveys that you are likely to qualify.

clixsense survey profiler
Please fill in these survey profile

Also make sure you install browser addon/extension to notify available surveys and ads.

clixsense toolbar clixaddon3

If no invitations at the moment, you should not wait for them, you can check for available surveys via daily routers. These routers may be differ from country to country. The good thing about survey routers, you have no limit to try and complete surveys.

clixsense survey routers
Survey routers

(3) Offers.

Paid surveys are not only available via invitations and routers, but also via offers section.

clixsense personaly offer surveys
Surveys from offer section.

Offers section not limited to paid surveys only. You can do free trial signups, download and test games/apps, playing games flash/Facebook etc.

You may notice that the payment is in ClixCents, 1 ClixCents equals to $0.01.

(4) ClixGrid.

(ClixGrid page on ClixSense)

Daily bonus game – chances of winning prizes up to $10.

You will get 30 chances daily (60 if you are a upgraded member)

clixgrid won
My first winning

(5) Short tasks from CrowdFlower.

(Tasks page on ClixSense)

crowdflower task list
Example of tasks available on task listing page with respective pay rates.

ClixSense is not the only site offering short tasks from CrowdFlower. But you should consider doing it via ClixSense labor channel. Because:

1. One of few channels that offer good pay rates
2. Weekly heavy tasker competition ($50 prize for 1st place)
3. $5 bonus each time you earn $50
4. Crowdflower tasks also requirement for daily checklist bonus (up to 16%, will discussed later about this)

Any new contributor (term for CrowdFlower worker) will start in level 0 (which means tasks are very very rare) but don’t worry, Entrance Exam can level you up instantly.

(6) Website testing and bug finding from Rainforest QA

You will have to test website by following instructions on each step. If the website give different result other than mentioned in instruction that mean you found a bug. You will get 4 Pennies for each step. Refer screenshot below, 50 steps mean $2 for completing the test, however, if you found a bug in the middle of the test, say, at step #20, you only get 20×0.04 = $0.80.

rainforest qa steps
Rainforest pay $0.04 per step.

(7) Bonus: Daily Checklist

If you able to complete daily checklist, you will be rewarded bonus of 7% (16% for upgraded members) of today’s earning after the server resets 12:00 AM midnight – server time)

In order to complete daily checklist, you must:

1. View at least 6 ads
2. Click at least 20 ClixGrid
3. Complete 2 surveys/offers OR 10 CrowdFlower/Rainforest tasks OR 1 survey/offer plus 5 CrowdFlower/Rainforest tasks
4. At least 1 forum visit
5. Use ClixAddon for 1 hour (this is automatic if you already installed ClixAddon)
6. Extra bonus: only unlocked if you able to complete the 5 above daily

clixsense daily checklist
clixsense daily checklist

(8) Optional: Invite people to join

(Affiliate program on ClixSense)

If you just want to make some cash online, getting downlines is optional because you can already earn from above methods.

But, if you want to make huge profits, downlines are the key to that.

You can have unlimited numbers of downlines on ClixSense. Let assume each of your downline will click at least one $0.01 ad daily ($0.002 commission for free member). Let assume you have 5,000 downlines.

5,000 x $0.002 x 30 = $300 per month

If you are upgraded member, $0.004 commission for $0.01 ad view, therefore double the above calculation ($600 per month)

And you know it is impossible for someone to be active daily on ClixSense but only clicking one ad. They will click more ads, performing surveys and tasks etc (up to 10% of their earning), therefore the earning potential much much more than my calculations above.

More realistic example is by this screenshot, taken from affiliate program page.

clixsense top sponsors
clixsense top sponsors

Let use the same calculation, assuming the sponsor (upline) is upgraded member, assuming each reff click one S0.01 ad daily:

51,280 x $0.004 x 30 = $6,153.60 per month

(9) Optional: Upgrade your membership

(Upgraded membership benefits on ClixSense)

You must already aware that upgraded member can earn more.

There is no reason for you not to upgrade because the membership fee is so cheap, $17 annually or $30 biannually.

Reasons for you to upgrade are:

Membership cost
$17 annually / $30 biannually
Daily guaranteed standard ads ($0.01)
Commissions per referals click
Commissions per referral signup
$1 after he generates $10
$2 after he generates $5
Commissions per referral upgrade
$2 (1st level) and $1 (2nd-8th levels)
Commissions per referral ad purchase
10% up to $1
10% up to $2
Commissions for survey/offer/task by referral
ClixGrid chances
30 times
60 times
ClixGrid timer
10 seconds
5 seconds
Daily checklist bonus
Minimum cashout

Minimum Cashout.

Refer table below for minimum cashout and processing fees.

clixsense cashout fees
clixsense cashout fees

Scam Alert and Payment Proof.

ClixSense already online, paying and one of top trusted and most popular PTC website since Feb. 2007 and verified as scam free by millions of happy members including myself.

Here, a screenshot of my very first cashout from ClixSense. (After accumulated $17, I upgraded and right after accumulated $6, I cashout just to check)

clixsense payment proof
My very first payment from ClixSense.


A lot of new users never bother to log in again on second day after they notice they only clicking for Pennies.

I was in the same boat too, I registered ClixSense on January 2016 and gave up a few days after because only clicking for pennies. Then, gave it another try and gave up again for a few weeks. Then I gave it another chance again before I finally know how to make full use of it.

Again, if you just want some cash, surveys and tasks are good enough. But, if you want big profit, getting *a lot* of *active* referrals is a must.

Here, a screenshot of my earning at the time of writing this post. As you can see, I got 0 referral and the earning come 100% from my own effort. I don’t say I satisfy with the earning, but, for just working while watching TV, it’s worth it.

my stats
my stats

Finally, don’t listen to me or any other people before you try for yourself. They say “it’s good, you can get rich quick joining this”, they say “it’s crap, you only clicking for pennies”. Different people, different opinion. Just give it a try OK, It may or may not suits you.

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