CrowdFlower Entrance Exam – Quickly Achieve Level 1 Badge

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In this post I am going to show you how to take CrowdFlower Entrance Exam so you can quickly achieve level 1 badge in CrowdFlower micro tasks and get access to more available jobs.

For those of you have not already know about CrowdFlower, please read my post about ClixSense and NeoBux because CrowdFlower tasks are provided as one of the methods to earn free money from reward sites like those two.

As you already know, new CrowdFlower contributors will start in level 0 which mean almost rare to see any available job. That makes harder for you to achieve level badges because you have to do jobs in order to achieve the badges.

Regular method to achieve level badges

To achieve level 1, level 2 and level 3 badges, a contributor must fulfill these criteria:

1 5 100 70
2 10 100 80
3 10 100 85

If you get expelled from one or a few tasks, minimum jobs will increase from initial amount. For example, minimum job >= 5, test questions >= 100, and accuracy >= 70% but you still stuck at level 0 and you get this message on your dashboard: “Something else is preventing you from reaching the next level. Keep on working in order to gain experience and level up.” That because you get expelled. Nobody knows the exact amount of how many more jobs needed in order to recover from the expulsions.

Tasks for level 0 contributors are very rare and even when they are available, most of theme won’t count into global accuracy. Therefore, make thing harder to achieve level 1 badge.

crowdflower task history
Working for low paid tasks just for nothing 🙁

Even if the job do count for global accuracy, non level 0 contributors will take advantage and do the job because mostly level 0 jobs are easy and they can boost their global accuracy easily using them. More competitors mean job will finish quickly and you may not be able to work on it before they all taken.

So, CrowdFlower Entrance Exam can overcome this problem. They are unpaid tasks purposely to train new contributors and level them up.

New contributors that happen to know CrowdFlower through ClixSense and NeoBux may not aware of this exam due to fact that it is not available on those two labor channels.

I am not sure if there are already made available entrance exam on those two. Also, I have read somewhre that suggest entrance exam already discontinued. I am not sure about that, let just hope that it is not true.

Where you can take CrowdFlower Entrance Exam?

The way I gain access to entrance exam back then may be not valid anymore.

But someone kind enough to ask CrowdFlower support and share it on ClixSense forum.

So, we can know all the labor channels have entrance exam except on ClixSense, Neobux and CrowdFlower Elite.

Get access to CrowdFlower Entrance Exam

1. Register on any PTC/GPT/Reward site that offer CF tasks (for example, InstaGC).
2. Go to CrowdFlower task section. Each site may use different name, for example NeoBux call it mini job.

crowdflower instagc
Access to CrowdFlower tasks on InstaGC

3. Open task listing page
4. Click on Entrance Exam.

crowdflower tasks listing entrance exam
Entrance Exam on task listing page

Image source: Neobux Forum.

Please read properly and understand what the quiz want. If you fail the test, no second chance.

Step by step how I access to Entrance Exam

The steps that I follow when I gain access to entrance exam back then.

1. Register Cash Piggy account (if you already know about AdFly link shorterner, Cash Piggy is a PTC site run by the same company.)

Earn money using links

2. Go to Offer >> and click on engage CrowdFlower task.

personaly crowdflower engage
Click on [Engage]

Update: After CrowdFlower make a few changes on their site, the link that I given in this tutorial might not working properly. So please use InstaGC instead because it is confirmed that InstaGC do have Entrance Exam (only if the exam still exist). Plus, InstaGC also have the option to link account similar to what we are going through these steps.

instagc personaly
Link CF account to account on InstaGC

If you insist to follow the original step, please continue reading below:

3. If you have not already have CrowdFlower account, register one using real Facebook account (not fake/dummy one) and complete the registration.

4. Go to CrowdFlower website >> click on your name (on top right) >> Edit Profile. Make sure that channel is set as preferred.

crowdflower preferred channel
crowdflower preferred channel

5. Go to or add ?uid=xxxxxxx at the end if the former not working. Replace xxxxxxx with your contributor ID for Personaly channel.

6. Now, you can see the link to take the entrance exam. Remember, you need to have 70% accuracy in order to get level 1 badge.

crowdflower entrance exam
Entrance exam CloudFlower

Once you are in level 1:

Read forum such as ClixSense forum or Neobux forum, look for the job ID or by jo name and read review before you start the job. This is important to know wheather the job is broken or not, have unfair correction or not, or the task author will ‘reward’ you with flag for no reason.

If the job have good reviews, go for it and boost your accuracy. If the job ID do not has any review yet from any forum, it best to wait for review, or you can use the ratings to decide (at least 2 and half dots is good to go).

The jobs that I recommend are the receipt jobs (unfortunately, these are on level 2).

“Transcribe Information From A Receipt (_)” – #1 recommended, easiest.
“Find The Quantity And Price For Items. (_)” – little tricky

The jobs are fair, the corrections that I get are fair ones, count for global accuracy and available daily.

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    1. Hi kareem. When I published the post, CF has “Find more work!” link on dashboard so we could click on it after changed the preferred channel. But CF has removed the link and the link in the post above is not working. InstaGC is one of other channel that offer entrance exam, so it can be as an alternative. However, I believe that the exam was discontinued (permanently or temporarily), I’m not really sure about that but you can try to confirm it.

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