Marathon’s New Animation – Get Blake! Finally Aired

get blake

Yay! Marathon’s new animation – Get Blake! finally aired this week in Malaysia (as well as on all Nickelodeon Channel throughout the world, I guess). I have been waiting for this for so long. Why I had waited for this so much? Because this is the animated series that I was involved in during my internship.

What’s impressive about Blake is that he lives for today, despite knowing the awesomeness that awaits him in the future: Blake is destined to become a courageous Space Ranger and protector of humankind against a marauding race of …ALIEN squirrels!

These alien squirrels – or “Squaliens” – have been sent from the future by their Squalien General. Their mission: is to make sure Blake Myers never grows up to be Blake Myers, Space Ranger. Hero. Defeater of Squaliens.

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Get Blake! Characters

Get Blake
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Blake Myers
-The one in red t-shirt with blue hair
-The main character

Mitch de La Cruz
-The one in yellow t-shirt
-Blake’s best friend

Skye Gunderson
-The one with pink hair
-Blake’s love interest

-Squaliens’ boss

-The tallest Squalien with glasses (the one been chased by Blake)

-The shortest Squalien (the one aiming blaster to Mitch)
-General’s nephew

-The fattest Squalien (the one in Skye’s hands)
-Clueless, always ruins Leonard’s plans
-General’s nephew

Dale Myers
-Blake’s father

Darla Myers
-Blake’s mother

Rodrigo de La Cruz
-Mitch’s father

Carmen de La Cruz
-Mitch’s mother

Roy Kronk

Bjorn Gunderson
-Skye’s father

Isabella Gunderson
-Skye’s mother

Sunshine Gunderson
-Skye’s little sister


Fast Eddie
-The dog

This animation is so funny that makes me cannot wait to watch the show. However, I cannot manage to watch this show after it has been aired because currently I am in college where there is no TV to watch but I hope that this show will be on rerun later or even available to purchase in DVD format.

Edit: I managed to watch one or two episode(s) of this animation on Nickelodeon, thanks to 48 hours of channel preview from my satellite TV provider. The channel is not on my current subscription because no kids at my home and elderly would not watch cartoons. Unluckily, I don’t think this show is available on DVD at the moment, and I hope it would sooner or later.

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