Withdraw PayPal Money Into Bank Account

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Hello there. Today I am going to show you how to withdraw PayPal money into your local bank account.

Withdraw PayPal Money

First of all, go to PayPal homepage and login. Click on My PayPal button to go to My Account.

Click on Withdraw funds that located under PayPal Balance.

withdraw paypal money
Click on Withdraw funds

Key in how much you want to withdraw. Keep in mind that there will be processing fee if you withdraw below certain amount. For example in my case, I need to withdraw at least MYR 400 to avoid paying for processing fees of MYR 3.

withdraw paypal money
Withdraw above MYR 400 and processing fee is free

Revise the details for the last time before you proceed.

withdraw paypal money
Check for the last time

It says that the process would take 2-3 business days. But in my experiences, it completed just in one business day

withdraw paypal money
Withdrawal is pending

Confirmation email also sent to your inbox as a reference.

withdraw paypal money
Reference email

If your PayPal account is unverified, don’t worry. My PayPal account is unverified up to writing this post and I can withdraw money off PayPal without any issue.

If you don’t want to withdraw, the use for online shopping 🙂 But sadly most merchants want verified account.

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